Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Solar Installations To Power All Your Needs

Solar installations are ideal to power all your needs for several reasons. First and foremost, today is the day you have to decide to change to a renewable energy source because tomorrow may be too late. Solar energy is among the best renewable energy sources. A solar installation is relatively easy to create and maintain and is free from pollution. Unlike nuclear, tidal and geothermal sources of energy, solar energy can be utilized just about anywhere. For exploitation of solar energy, Arizona is the right choice. This state offers a number of incentives and you may save up to 80% of your system cost.

There are federal incentives too that will lower your costs substantially. Solar energy can virtually reduce your energy costs to almost a negligible amount. With constantly rising utility rate it therefore makes sense to shift to the solar energy system and be free once and for all. The best part with a solar installation is that while there is no increase in property taxes, your property actually gains in value. You will therefore benefit from having fitted a solar energy system on your property. Solar energy is proven technology and although there is hardly any maintenance involved, your solar energy system is backed with a 25 year warranty.

Homeowners opting for solar energy Arizona have the advantage of the facility of net metering. According to this the homeowners are able to utilize electricity generated through their solar energy system to the fullest. The kilowatts produced by their system are firstly consumed by their home appliances. However, in case they are unable to utilize the full energy produced by the system, the surplus is fed to the utility grid. Their meters in such a case run backwards by an amount proportionate to the amount fed. This gives credit to the homeowners and the credit can be used subsequently. Solar installations in the State of Arizona can avail of such a net metering facility under the dispensation of the Renewable Incentive Program of the Arizona Public Service. The solar technologies eligible for rebate include photovoltaic (PV) and solar day lighting systems and solar HVAC under this clause.

There are excellent professional integrators of solar energy in Arizona. These professionals create solar installations dependent on photo voltaic cells and heat engines. The integrators are engaged in various kinds of such installations. These include cooling and heating, disinfection and distillation of water to make it potable as well as solar cooking among other domestic and industrial purposes.

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