Saturday, November 3, 2012

Measure Film Thickness with Spectroscopic Reflectometry and Ellipsometry devices

A spectroscopic Reflectometer measures the film thickness, light intensities on curved samples with smooth or rough surface. The reason for using this technology is because results are made simple, and it is a cost-effective technique. Film thickness or coating plays a vital role in process control, product quality and cost control.

The SR300 Spectroscopic Reflectometer & Film Thickness measurement system is a useful tool for measuring light intensities. Not only, the thickness you can also determine refractive index, reflection, transmission and absorption of thin films and coatings. If you're looking for spectroscopic reflectometry device then look no further, this is the equipment you should consider.

Some of the features of this device are explained to fully understand the functionality of this system. The software installed is windows based that makes it simple to setup and operate. It has an array based detector system to ensure fast measurement. With this tool measure film thickness up to five layers. This device is normally seen in industries that require semiconductor fabrication, liquid crystal display, forensics, semiconductor compounds and more.

If you're looking out for an accurate thin film measurement technique, SRM300 is the perfect device. Everyone is familiar with the windows-based software and with the familiar look and feel you get accustomed to these new tools easily. This film thickness gauge can handle almost all categories in the geometry substrate up to 300mm in diameter and also mapping patterns like linear, polar, square or even arbitrary coordinates. It also has a uniquely designed light source for better intensity and stability.

Spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) is a technique used to determine thin film thickness, investigate surface determine optical constants, and interface phenomenon and many other physical, chemical and optical properties of materials.

The E200BA Ellipsometer gauges the refractive index and also to determine thickness of semi-transparent thin films. It is easy to setup and operate this window based software. The purpose of using a ellipsometer is that it can measure layers as thin as 1 nm up to layers, which are several microns thick. External optics are not required if you require precise sample alignment interface from the sample signal directly. It has the capability to be used for real time or in-line thickness and refractive index monitoring. There are three different user level controls. The Engineer mode, system service mode and easy user mode It is a fully automatic device that calibrates and initializes systems, manual help is not needed.


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