Sunday, November 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-Definitely need some attention

A glance at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 suggests a weird direction for the future. Whilst mobile experts earlier had stated that gadgets would get smaller, but the market is going the opposite direction.

The largest smartphone is king, & these days, the biggest smartphone is the Galaxy Note 2, and which is an enormous 5.5? thingy called as the world.

The Galaxy Note 2 is also one of the mightiest smartphones in the smart phone marketplace. This thingy comes with a powerful 1.6GHz quad core Cortex A9 & a quad core Exynos 4412, the newest Graphic Processing Unit from the Asian giant. This handset also flaunts a huge 5.5? Super AMOLED+ display that seems absolutely striking. It also arrives with an integrated stylus for jotting down notes & taking screenshots. Same to the Galaxy S3, it flaunts a 720p screen, an 8 MP snapper, the S Voice's voice to text service, & it arrives in gun metal grey &white with different networks.

The finest way to explain the Note 2 is a bigger, swifter Galaxy S3, a smartphone that is already established as the finest smartphones produced this year. Therefore picture all of that ability improved for a larger smartphone that's also between the dimensions of an Apple iPhone & Nexus 7 slate. And more prominently, it breaches Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook's allege previously in 2012 that Android operating system has no tablet applications. With this smartphone, it does not require any support of iOS. The Google play store also has equal number of apps as the iOS operating system.
The Galaxy Note 2 can be used as a media player that is also highly portable. It is working on a full scale multimedia player or reading thingy that users can grasp contentedly with one hand.

The Galaxy Note 2 ships with Android 4.1.1, which is not the latest operating system upgrade (that's v4.2, presently merely obtainable on Nexus thingies) though it surely is precisely what would have enhanced on Android v4.0. The main upgrade is Google Now, which is a service where the search giant glances at your tasks, calendar, & searches, & gives you amazing tips.

The finest instance is with calendar appointments. If users set the time & location, Google Now will vigorously scrutinize traffic (on the server part, thus your smart phone does not lose out battery life doing the task itself) & inform users fifteen minutes in advance when user need to leave.

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